Public Relations

Panorama Life & Style PR connects brands with their consumers. We review every angle and look for opportunities to create Messages that Resonate © with your audience. We conceive and produce different types of publicity events and celebrations of varying durations for high-profile clients: fashion tours, product launches, benefits and fundraisers, roundtable discussions and press conferences. If the event fits your communication strategy we will make it happen and make it newsworthy.

PR is not just about events. Smart brands step out into their community and become known for supporting causes that affect key audiences. When you think AVEDA, you think alignment with water conservation; Starbucks, investing in neighborhoods where stores are located and coffee is grown; or Target’s branded tag line for expressing a connection with its audiences, Here for Good.

Our goal? Creating a competitive advantage that translates to sales. We do that by helping you share more common ground with your audience than other brands in your space. Call us today and lets get started! 205-328-9334 or