Focus Group Surveys

Panorama Public Relations, a division of PPR Communications, LLP, is known for providing answers that save you money. © Established in 1998 to serve Huntsville Alabama’s emerging Cummings Research Park companies, it has conducted one on one interviews with executives, focus groups and online surveys for a broad range of industries ranging from retail to technology.

We listen and learn what clients want and then offer the best survey solutions to garner the results they need to make decisions.

Estimated Cost Qualitative Primary Research

Facility – $1600
Developing Focus Group Plan/Discussion Guide/Script – $1200
Audio Video Raw Footage – $1400
Edited TBQ – $100-$150 per hour
Refreshments – $200 per group
Participant Recruiting – $200 per person recruited/participates
Participant Incentives – $100 – $300 per person
Moderator – $3800
Written Report – $3600