belk-lrgBelk’s new branding initiative contained just three words but packed a real punch.

Modern. Southern. Style.

Funny how three, little words can be so paint such a clear picture.

To honor such a bold branding initiative, Panorama Life & Style PR created a digital media room for Belk’s bi-annual fashion tour. The digital media room was an inviting and convenient way to give journalists access to hi-res fashion images, along with the capability to immediately share them via multiple social media channels. The full-featured microsite elevated Belk’s new branding message in a modern, stylish way, while remaining true to their hospitable southern outreach.

Infusing technology with convenience allowed Belk to enhance the experience of every fashion journalist writing and blogging about the tour. At the same time, all the capabilities of the modern web were leveraged to elevate Belk’s digital presence. Bold branding initiatives. That’s our style.